I have a great new program full of opportunity for a woman looking to change her life and that of her fellow women.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page for more information on this image training program.

If you’re like most people today, you understand the struggles of finding just the right thing to wear for that    special corporate event, or that regular day at the office. You’ve stood in front of the mirror, in different outfits searching for the perfect look, secretly believing you will never find it.  Still, after painstaking effort you   never feel quite right about who you are or how you look.

Truth is, we have all experienced those feelings of inadequacy. Color, image and style are three keys to unlocking the unique persona that exists in each one of us.

It is our goal to train consultants with the ability to empower people through a greater understanding of who they are by providing tangible tools needed to   allow true personality and professionalism  to shine.  Understanding one’s personal image allows for one to becomemore confident, effective and productive in both  personal and professional settings.

In God’s Image  is dedicated to educating  professional consultants through an intense training program focused on the development of personal image.  Trainees will become competent consultants, prepared to share life changing tools with those individuals seeking the opportunity to improve their personal image.

Training Dates

October  19-21, 2011      Exeter, CA


Three-day Training Fee:  $1500


Marytina Lawrence, Owner and Trainer

marytinathefarmerswife@gmail.com  or 763-286-1604


Tiffany Nielsen, Premier Etiquette

tiffany@tiffanynielsen.com or 559-280-9859

Train the Trainer Program








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