It is funny how traditions in a family start.  But more importantly, I am surprised at the types of things that can become institutions of security for our children.  When our three older children were very small, my husband used to line them up, stand in front of them and then squish them together like meat on a sandwich and pick them up to hug them.  Soon the process became more creative, and I became the other side of the sandwich.  The kids started to pick out their part of the sandwich,  “I’m the salami, I’m the lettuce,” and so on. Of course Bryan and I have always been the bread that holds the sandwich together. 

 Tonight, after a very challenging day, my husband approached me in the kitchen for a brief moment of affection while the diningroom buzzed with lively dinner conversation.  All of the sudden, from the white noise of the diningroom, I hear my youngest, Wynn, “Hey guys! (speaking to his siblings) stop, stop, its time for a sandwich, its time for a sandwich.”  Suddenly, in one thundering herd I hear, I’m the pickle, I’m the jelly, and so on.  And with that all four children, 12, 11, 10 and 3 jumped into our brief embrace  for a “Sandwich Hug”  Obviously they have grown to the point that we no longer lift them all off  the ground but, we wrap them up tight just the same, and for that brief moment, all is right with the world. 

In that moment, it dawned on me that this is a lot more to my kids than just a hug.  And we truly are (Bryan and myself) the bread on either side of this dynamic creation of divine love that holds it all together.  I have always enjoyed our “Sandwich Hugs”.  They make me smile, from the inside.  But today, I find myself  thanking  God for using the little things of life that we sometimes find insignificant to cement the love and unity of our family .  What is it for your family??  Whatever it is, hold on to it, it is making a difference.

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