Every January after the snow dust settles from the Christmas rush and the joy of constant celebration I find myself extremely reflective.  I spend time reviewing the last year and assess my successes and my failures in an effort to be more affective for the year ahead. It is a process that takes time and leaves me more focused and ready to start fresh with the sincere hope of accomplishing more.

During this time of reflection, I found myself recognizing a deep need for more dedication to organization and discipline.  Worse yet I am convinced that I will need to engage in regular exercise, which I hate, and better diet choices.  I had great opportunity for success this year in my life as a wife, mother, writer and speaker.  But the key element missing in my recipe for a complete life of contentment is definitely more “BALANCE”.

It sounds so simple, so straightforward, almost attainable.  We shall see.  In an effort to achieve my goal for balance I am going to step out and engage my blog audience.  I will share the steps I take from this day forward, both the good and the ugly and I hope to hear from you along the way.

It is a bit of a catch phrase, or cliche to say the I need more “BALANCE”.  It seems like such a simple task.  It has continued to elude me despite me past efforts.  So, instead of just toying with the idea of “BALANCE” I plan to take it step by step, day by day and I am hopeful you will share in my process and true confessions along the way.

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