When I married my “Man of the North” 19 years ago and became a part of a family farm, I realized very quickly that despite my education in agriculture and passion for the industry I had a lot to learn.  Living on a working farm requires a level of commitment that I did not truly grasp until I was directly faced with it.  I never looked back.

Trust and Wy #1
My son and his show bull.

That being said, I recognize that it takes a special kind of person to be a farmer and a special kind of person to be married to one as well. My role as the farmer’s wife is one I am proud of.  I have embraced it to the fullest and have worked hard to foster the same work ethic and appreciation for the farm in my children as well. Statistically speaking, there are fewer children returning to the farm every year, which has resulted in less than 1.5% of our population, physically producing food here in the United States.

As I have watched my children grow and develop over the years, I have been hopeful that at least one would show desire to carry on the tradition and come back to the farm.  My husband and I both believe it needs to be their choice, that God’s plan for them comes first and we have put our trust in Him to guide our children to their ultimate purpose.  Of course we pray diligently for clarity in raising them, continually asking for wisdom and discernment, and last our prayer for the legacy of our farm is deeply seeded in our heart.

He is a cattleman at heart.
He is a cattleman at heart.

In the past year I have witnessed my oldest son Wyatt beginning to come of age.  He is 14 and I am so thankful for his true love for the farm.  He started driving farming equipment at age five, and spends every free hour of his life not committed to school or swimming, in his fathers back pocket learning and gleaning what he can so he can take over someday. I have the joy of watching the relationship between father and son grow deeper and deeper everyday and I am looking forward to the future.

Most of all, I am confident that Wyatt is answering his calling.  He is most at peace when out on the farm working for the future of agriculture.  And I know that our food supply is in good hands because my son loves what he is doing. He will be the fourth generation in his family to work the family farm.  For that I am rule thankful.

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    I have been looking through my postings from the past and this was one of those moments that I thought was worth reposting. My strong son has grown so much in the past six months and continue to makes me proud to be a farmer’s wife and now a farmer’s momma.

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