Today I would like to introduce you to my oldest son Wyatt. When Wyatt was born I was bit unsure what I would do with a boy. I know that sounds heartless but please indulge me for a moment. Montana came first and with the exception of a father and now a husband I grew up around all girls. When this handsome big boy was born I was a bit tentative about my ability to care for him.

Claire took this photo of Wyatt last year. It is one of my most favorites. It captures all about him that I love.


From the moment Wyatt arrived on the seen he was a force to be reckoned with and is, to this day. A natural born leader with a quiet focused presence, I admire him with every passing day. My hesitancy about him in the beginning was immediately an afterthought as I found myself head over heels in love with this big eyed adorable little boy, full of determination and drive. I have been blessed to be his mom and enjoyed watching him pursue his dreams. He is about to officially begin his life as a husband with his beautiful fiance Claire (my photographer) and I am excited for him.

I mentioned in my post last week on Montana, that life is changing much right now. Wyatt stepping out and becoming the man of his own house is something I knew would come and I thought I was prepared for it. Watching him care for his future wife, anticipating his life as a husband and father, I feel every emotion a human being can experience. He has been my heart for so long, as my first and oldest boy, and yet I know that letting him go is a must. Being Wyatt’s mother has taught me so much about what love really looks like. I am so proud of him.

He is currently studying Agricultural Economics/Animal Science at the University of Minnesota and will graduate a year early due to his diligence. One of my greatest joys has been watching him serve with his sister on the Junior National Hereford Board. He has been successful in all he has set his mind to becoming quite the cattleman despite his young age. The future for him is bright and though my role as his mom is changing by the day, my love for him continues to grow. I look forward to watching he and Claire  grow together. Both are big dreamers with many goals and a nonstop attitude. Their potential is endless. Meet my Wyatt…


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