In late 2006 God decided to grace me with a gift. I will profess that I had moments of sincere doubt about this gift from time to time during my pregnancy. In fact I shamefully admit that in the beginning I was challenged emotionally and grossly unsure if I was prepared for another child at 38 years of age. My youngest at the time was already 7! If I did anymore math I would quickly realize that I was just old and when this baby came I would be even older.

My Precious Wynn Before His First Swim Meet

On August 12, 2007, Wynn Edward Marshall Lawrence would enter the scene and shake everything up. The moment he was born my whole perspective on what it means to have a child when you least expect it changed. He witnessed to me on every level what the love of Christ looks like and taught me to trust God in a whole new way.

Fast forward and it is now 2020 and in a week Wynn will turn 13. And yes that means I am 52! But here is the thing. As my three other children are in the midst of adulthood, getting married, starting graduate school and college across the country, I am thankful and blessed to have Wynn. Moreover, he has shown me a level of love and compassion that can only be given to him by the Almighty. His tender comforting spirit and pure love for me has rescued me from days of despair and helped me to focus on what matters. The truth is, he is not a tag along, an oops, or a mistake. He is a true gift and will forever be my “BONUS”. Meet Wynn Lawrence….

3 thoughts on “The Bonus

  1. I can’t believe that he is going to be 13! And wow does he look like Wade !! At least you’re not a grandma yet! But I’m sure an elated one! I can’t believe I can live him as much as my own children! Hope you can meet him someday soon! But with this world’s craziness, God only knows!
    I feel so bad that both times I came back to Minnesota we couldn’t get together. I miss you more than I can express in words and pray that you are doing well! Please keep me posted on your families adventures!
    Love you

  2. Wynn is truly a gift! Because we didn’t live here when Montana, Wyatt, and Wade were young we missed so much with them. We got to have that with Wynn.

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