As the end of Summer has been approaching and school is beginning for many, I have been contemplating our life and all the changes we have endured as most people have. I have also been considering the things in our life that continue to be consistent. In such uncertain times it has been so good to have areas of life we can count on. Things that we know won’t change. Places we can go for solace and comfort as well as discipline and learning.

Wynn and his dad chopping corn silage this past weekend. He hauled wagons for dad all day.

My youngest boy Wynn has continued to grow and thrive(for the most part) despite COVID 19 and all that has come with it. One of the mainstays for him has been the farm and what it offers in terms of activity and consistency. He might argue with me some as I am speaking from and parent perspective and he is definitely a normal 13 year old. But, regardless of how this whole thing goes, I am confident that the major skills my boy will need to be productive, strong of spirit and mind as well as successful, he finds here every day on the farm.

Society today looks upon work as a means to an end. It is the thing we do so we can ultimately do something fun. It is not generally considered to be “fun”. Work here on the farm can be fun, but it can be hard too. However, in all of it there is value, and the opportunity to push oneself beyond just putting in time so as to move on to the real part of life. It is real life and there is a level of joy and satisfaction to be found there if one is taught to look. Furthermore, as one sows in to hard work, one shall reap great reward. Teaching our children to value the satisfaction and importance of hard work is paramount in developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Wynn cut hay earlier in the week as everyone else was working in other areas of the farm ans it needed to be done. He cut hay in this field after cutting another field earlier in the week. In farming there are things like hay that are time sensitive. Dry weather creates urgency and Wynn knows that.

This past week I witnessed my youngest son embracing the commitment of his birthright. He understood and answered the call to work beyond what he thought he could or would and help his family to accomplish what needed to be done. He sacrificed his video games, time with friends and all that goes with that because he was needed. In doing so he learned great lessons about the importance of helping others even when you don’t want to, working harder and longer than planned and experienced the true gratitude of family for a job well done and finished.

As a mom, I feel strongly that some of the best things we can do for our children will not be popular with them. They may protest, and sulk, only to be suprised by how the request will shift their perspective long term and open them up to all kinds of future opportunities. My Wynn is a good boy. He is obedient, respectful and true hearted. But that is learned. So, where is your 13 year old? Is he or she missing out on opportunity to grow. Take advantage of your options, no matter where you live and impact you child for eternity. Be unpopular, be strong and be what they truly need.

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