When I first thought about the idea of a blog I really struggled with the idea of randomly dumping my thoughts onto a computer page for all the world to read and form an opinion on.  My first thought was WHY? Why subject oneself to that scrutiny and coarse examination.  Why waste my time when I have a husband, children and business that are in dire need of attention continually.  And I didn’t even comment on the mountain of laundary that I climb each and everyday with great hope of reaching the summit.

Then I thought, why not?  If nothing else my life is full of adventure, humor, spirit and endless love.  As a women, I have had the opportunity of  growing up in a happy well adjusted home, studying in college, traveling the world, falling in love, owning and operating a business and kowing the Lord Jesus Christ intimately.  And with the exception of my relationship with Christ, the honor of raising my children along side my handsome man of the North is by far my most important call on my life.

It is with a humble heart I begin this venture to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions about faith family and the farm.

One thought on “What Is A Blog Anyway

  1. Marytina,

    The “WHY” in blogging is my sentiment as well. I really like what you said, it makes sense and you’ve encouraged me to stick to my own blogging schedule.

    Great words, thoughts and inspiration you’ve offered! Keep it up!


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