Bryan and Me On A Vacation Trip Home To California

There are certain things in my life of 42 years that I cling tight to for security and reassurance in this uncertain world we are living in.  Falling in love with my husband and taking the leap to move to the icy tundra of the north is definitely one of those things for me.  Why you might ask would such a risky thing give me such security?  It is one of the first decisions I made as a young woman that I made solely out of belief in something greater than myself and opened my heart and mind to the road that God intended me to travel down.

Since that 9th day of September 1995 I have traveled through so much adventure and learned to very much about myself, marriage, motherhood and most of all the faithfulness of the almighty.   It is my hope that I can share some of His wisdom with you on these pages as we move forward.  But with anything, it is best to start at the beginning.

I met Bryan Lawrence, my handsome man of the north, in the summer of 1994.  I was studying agriculture at a prominent college in central California and I was restless.  Never one to sit still, I had heard about a company that hired college age students to travel throughout the country conducting educational tours about animal agriculture to the general public at state fairs and expositions.  To me it sounded perfect.  If hired all my travel expenses were paid by the company and additional daily stipend was included.  All I had to do was share the story of agriculture for 8 hours a day and feed myself. 

I have always loved the connotation of travel.  The idea of seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing America appealed to me.  This appeared to be a perfect fit for the summer.  I was a third of the way through a Master’s Degree in Agricultural communication and I loved the idea of seeing something new.  Fortunately, I was hired and requested fairs in the midwest.  I had always longed to see the heartland and I figured this to be my one opportunity.  I laugh about that now.  Little did I expect I would shortly become a “Minnesotan” in the near future.

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