So, I am the mother of four beautiful children that keep my life full and busy.  I spend the majority of my waking hours dedicated to their physical and spiritual growth. 

That being said, today I realized that no matter how long you have been in  the occupation of motherhood or how much you absolutely love your children, there are times of great testing and trial that can stem from the very basic of tasks.  My three year old, Wynn took a bath today after drowning himself in his morning painting project.  As I pulled his bubble covered smile out of the tub he looked at me mischieviously and scurmed out of my clutch at a dead run for the bed.  Fifteen minutes later, I finally slipped his shirt over his head and dropped him on the floor like a wind up car and out he went – ZOOM!  It was like wrestling a bumblebee and all I was doing was getting him dressed.  Of course amid my frustration all I could think is…….how can you resist that face?!

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