My children have always been emotionally tight due to the sheer closeness of their ages. Montana is 12, Wyatt 11, and Wade 10.  In fact when Wade was born, Montana was two and a half and Wyatt was 360 days old.  It was crazy, to say the least.  So, when I discovered that I was in for a divine appointment with another child at the ripe age of 38, shock and dismay are just a couple of the many emotions I experienced in those early days of pregnancy.

I mourned the idea of the family I had and the family that would never be again, when this little bundle of divinity decided to boldly introduce himself.  More than anything, I along with my husband were concerned about the impact it would have on the other three. They made up such a nice neat package.  Many a day did I sit and pine after what seemed to be a situation completely out of my control, and wonder if it would be too much for all of us to handle.

It is three years later now and all of us are so undeniably taken with the little man we call Wynn. Never have I been so thankful to be proven wrong about the effects of circumstances.  I was graciously reminded again, two evenings ago, of God’s omniscience in all things.  As my Man Of The North and I headed up the stairs for the evening, my husband made his regular check of the children before falling into bed.  Tenderly, he came to me and said,”You need to go look at the kids.”  In blind obedience to his late night request I strolled down the hall, and into the darkness of the boy’s room.

There, lined up like cord wood in one twin bed lay my 12-year-old girl, 10-year-old boy, and way back in the corner, that beautiful bundle of joy, 3-year-old Wynn.  My Wyatt, 11, sound asleep in his bed right next store.  Some time between bedtime and midnight, Wynn had found his way into the mix.  My Montana sleeps with her brothers every weekend, by choice.

There is nothing more full of joy and peace for me as a mother than to witness the love my children share between each other.  It is a gift from heaven.  And that evening I took an extra moment to thank my Lord for His gift of children.

One thought on “Cord Wood

  1. Marytina,
    Blessings to you and your smart husband. He sure knows the best way to brings smiles to tired eyes. He reminds me that we need precious moments like happy, loving kids to combat incivility and stress.

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