Moving to Minnesota was my destiny, but that did not mean that it was not without it’s challenges.  No one quite understands when they are madly and passionately in love that moving 1500 miles from all they have known their entire life might cause issues.  Some issues were simple.  Grocery store, stylist, doctor.  Others, not so simple.  Human contact, lack of family, lack of reputation and association.  These were the challenges I faced when I married my “Man Of The North” and moved to the frozen tundra.

Just a side note…..It was -5 this morning when I took the children to school.  Frozen tundra is sometimes a severe understatement.  Anyway, back to the story.

It was in this time of desperation that I was introduced to an oppotunity to start a new business working in the area of image, fashion and style.  I had always lacked finishing in these areas and thought that the certification could have a two-fold benefit.  I jumped in with both feet as I generally do and soon became a “Certified” Image and Style Consultant.  It was a life altering experience as it gave me a deeper insight into my own perception about myself and ultimately catapulted me into an entirely different area of business.  (another story later……)

However, my Lord above did have purpose for my training.  6 years ago, through an unlikely course of events I was given an opportunity to take what I had learned so many years ago and share it publicly in churches all over the state.  My heart for women and the daily battle they fight with themselves and the mirror has become a mission field for me among other things.  I have been blessed to travel and speak and consult with women and always come away wondering who actually was more moved by God, myself or the women I meet.

I have had a bit of time off as of late, due to many circumstances beyond my control, and last evening I had the chance to dip my big toe in the pool and spend some time ministering to the MOPS group in my home church.  Hesitant, I stepped into the light and enjoyed once again the fellowship and blessings that only come from serving someone else and God.

I realized that regardless of how hesitant I might be about moving back into the realm of speaking and women’s ministry, it is what God has called me to do.  The freedom I experience working in my calling is unlike anything I experience in any other area of my life. It dawned on me this morning that everyone is called into something.  And I am compelled to ask……Are you working in yours?

Make It A Blessed Day!


3 thoughts on “Answering The Call

  1. Answering the call that exposes our destiny isn’t easy. I took a huge leap of faith to answer his call to become an advocate for civility and etiquette. There have been times in my journey where God stopped and turn me another direction, like you. It doesn’t make sense when it happens, but once the dust settles our destiny becomes clearer and enjoyable! I’m so happy you said “yes” to The Man of The North”…aka-The Tundra!!

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