This Is Wyatt's Flower. I Have Kept It On My Dresser Since The Day he Gave It To Me.

It’s funny how you can be going along in life, taking everything for granted and then BOOM! you get hit with something you never anticipated and life suddenly becomes altered in a way that makes you take stock of all you are, all you have and all you could be.

I have suffered from a severe illness over the past few weeks that led to hospitalization.  In an effort to fight the good fight, as most of us normal moms do, I avoided common sense and figured it would eventually go away.  It didn’t.  But that is just the back story to what I really want to say.

My time in the hospital was a direct result of my oldest boy Wyatt.  Watching me in my illness he became proactive and rescued his mother from herself.  I am home now, recovering well, and thankful for my Wyatt.  But this process, gave me pause to contemplate and develop a deep appreciation for the natural gift of honor and valor that he lives by every day.

From the time he could talk, he would remind me every day that he loved his father but I, was his favorite.  He would look up at me with those HUGE eyes of his and say, “Mommy, you’ re the best.”  At age 5 he brought me breakfast in bed, and I still remember, as he took time to go outside to the blooming hydrangea and cut one to put on the tray.  I heard him go outside, and I jumped out of bed and watched from the upstairs window as he walked across the drive to the barn, cut the flower, placed it in the vase and gingerly carried it back to the house.  And then, my first night home from the hospital, he sat at my bedside with deeply concerned eyes and said, “Momma, you will never know how worried I was.”  It was in that moment, I realized how truly blessed I am to be Wyatt’s mother.  He is my rescuer and my protector when my “Man Of The North” is away.  And he loves me more than I deserve.  

I know that Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and I encourage you to honor your mother, for she gave you the gift of life.  But then,  take time to hug your children tight and thank your heavenly father for the blessing of motherhood.

4 thoughts on “My Protector

  1. Awhhhh- That Wyatt- What a gift! I am excited to see all the good that will unfold because of his presence on this earth! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. You failed to mention that Wyatt is only twelve and probably saved your life. God Bless that boy for saving my daughter. Second, you might mention the lessons yoou learned from God and your son. God bless you my daughter and stay healthy.

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