My daughter Montana wrote a sermon several months ago that she used for competition in speech in the public school.  It was so well received by all that heard it that God blessed her with opportunity to present it to our church congregation (about 700 people)  This is a recording of that morning.  I am posting it today as she will be competing tomorrow in a fine arts state competition.  Please pray for her as she has an opportunity to advance to a national level.  Last, my “Man Of The North” and I had absolutely nothing to do with this sermon.  It was between Montana and the Lord and I believe it is truly anointed.

3 thoughts on “The Word

  1. Montana, you make me feel insignificant in your wisdom. Through you and God our country and world will go on. Thank you for being my grand daughter. I love you, Grandma M

  2. There I went again, I have seen this speach in person about 5 time and watched it on video about 5 times and I have cried everytime. God is using you for His glory! I am greatful that our family get to share in your families lives and watch more great things that God has planned for you. Great job Montana and thank you for hearing and obeying God’s voice and showing us what being Christ’s servant is.

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