So it’s Monday…………..What does that mean exactly?  I have been conditioned to dread it.  It is the day after the “Day of Rest”  and yet at times I get caught up in the whole overwhelming process of life and every day is the same. 

So I decided this morning as I peeked out from under the covers at 5am to get the kids up for swim practice and find the “Man Of The North” some work clothes from the pile of clean laundry I did not fold this weekend that I am going to try something new.  “PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!” it’s Monday!

The slate is clean, the day is fresh, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.  Who can I serve this week.  Who needs help, who is discouraged, who just needs a friendly smile?  I mean, I have tried the approach of dreading every moment of the new day and that isn’t really working for me.

So whose with me??? Have a blessed day and don’t forget to bless someone else, it will make you smile(on the inside).

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