Normally, I only post when I have something significant or philosophical or funny to share. But today I want to appeal to those of you out there that have been following and are potentially interested in what I really do with my life day in and day out.

I am a loving wife and mother of four that at times feels like her life is continually driven by complete and udder chaos.  The saying management by crisis would be a complete descriptive view of my everyday life.  I have tried all kinds of solutions for eliminating the daily grind only to face it again the very next morning.

I know you are saying, “Who cares.” Point well taken, although I will say that I have begun to determine on this chaotic journey that I am not alone.  I thought it was just me and then I started opening up and talking with other women about their lives and it would seem that these feelings of being out of control and exhaustion are quite common.

So what shall we do about it?  I say this because, for those of you reading this and relating to it we now have a common bond, right.  You know I have heard a saying for years that I never took completely serious until just lately.  “The devil can’t make you sin, but he can make you busy.”  It is all coming together for me now.

For those of you out there that can relate, lets tackle this “Thing” together.  What is working for you, what doesn’t.  I would love to start a forum on this subject and toss around ideas of how to stay productive, and stay sane all at the same time.  What do you think???????

3 thoughts on “Under New Management

  1. Ok The devil has been busy making me busy- so STOP now! here s another saying: The devil can try to go along for the ride, and the minute you let him in, he is going to move you over and try to take the wheel-push him out the door( on a curve)! I really have NO answers on simplifying my or others lives- but I need insight. Thanks, Marytina for opening this up-it is a global issue for women with responsibilities!

  2. What I have had to learn to do when life has gone crazy busy was to go day by day with the flow of things. I have learned over the years in order to not get crazy I have had to learn to say no to things (that was hard at first), that steals my time…even family time. To make time and go for a walk so I can think. I have had to do my best to turn my computer off during the day so that doesn’t steal my time (although with the kids home in the summer its on more and it does steal my time).
    Thanks for your postings Marytina 🙂

  3. Just another thought, Things can steal our time so easy.. we can get so busy that it can steal time together as a family, and family time together is really important. Things can keep us so busy that we run out of time for time for God, so I have had to intentionally make sure to have a quiet time with God. And not to get too busy with other things that take away from my time with my kids and husband…it really has been learning to say no to other things.

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