I just said good-bye this morning to my mom and dad after a wonderful 2 week visit.  We have been anticipating this two-week time for months with a laundry list of things to see and do and more importantly the opportunity to soak each other up after such a long time apart.

It’s hard to say good-bye.  I have gotten really good at it over the years as I live so far away now and with every visit there is an ultimate good-bye.  But today hurts.  I can’t tell you why exactly.  I just feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest.  Family is my life blood.  God made me that way and that is why I am so committed to my children and husband.  But it all started with my mom and my daddy.  Having them here gave me the best of both and it is hard to let that go. 

If you are blessed to have a family of any kind, do me a favor today and be intentional.  Tell them how much they mean to you.  Hug them and give them your best.  They should be the most important people in your life.  And they need to know that.  I love you mom and dad.  Come back soon…….

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I LOVE the picture- I am Happy you had a good visit and sad you are already missing them-Family is everything!

  2. Hi Everyone
    I can feel your loss just as I felt Moms going away was forever. Say all the things you want to now you still have them. So many things I wish I could say now and can’t. Love you all and yes Family is everything. I had to take little Jaylynn to have her Kindergarten shots and I know why Mom can’t stand to do it I even cried it hurt her so much she had 3 it the tops of he thighs and I had to hold her down the nurses last words where hold her tight they get really strong and she did. Poor thing really sore today. See you sometime hopfully not so long. Love Auntie Karmen

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