When I married my “Man Of The North” and moved to Minnesota almost 16 years ago I had this romantic idea of what it would be like to be married to a farmer.  I loved the idea of raising children on the farm, spending time working side by side with the man I love and doing anything and everything to make life the very best it could be “On The Farm”

Now four children and 16 years later I had a moment today that made take stock of my initial outlook of life on the farm.  If you would indulge me I will share my day with you.  I woke at 4:45am to wake my husband for his day and my oldest son as well.  Today, Wyatt would be going to the sod farm with his father to help with the seeding that is behind.  So as they head out the door at 5:15am I finish of the dishes and house cleaning from the night before and begin preparing for the rest of the day.  At 6:45am I woke my daughter for swim practice and finished loading the laundry in the car (the washer is broken) to take to the laundromat.

I drop Montana at the pool at 7:15am and then sort and start 7 loads of laundry all completed and back in the car by 8:45am and off to my business appointment at 9am.  By 10:30am I am picking Montana up from the pool and headed home to do the chores with the show cattle.  Once the kids have started chores, I loaded the broken baler belts in the car to drop at John Deere and pick some bale wrap for the hired man who was baling hay in one of our fields.

Home again baby down for nap and just settling in to my work on the computer when the phone rings.  It’s my “Man Of The North”!  The tractor has a flat tire in the field and I have to gather the appropriate tools and help the hired man get it off, get it fixed and get it back on so he can finish baling the hay before the rain.  I just finished that project.  And now it is time for evening chores and supper.

Tell me, where did the day go? Did I get anything done?  I am not sure. But one thing I do know for sure is that I get the farm wife medal today.  And my idealistic romantic outlook about farm life is intact.  I love my life.

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