Just some random thoughts today…….I have been school shopping with my children for the last two days with one day and one child left to go.  I take them individually as my mother did in hopes of giving them that one on one time that they never get with four children in the house.  We shop, eat and talk, I love it.  It gives me time to chat with them about the things on their mind that I hardly ever get to hear.  I learn some amazing things about who they are during those brief shopping sprees.

But I have observed something rather interesting during the process this year.  As I spend time cashing out visiting with cashiers or other moms, many have commented on how they can’t wait for the kids to go back to school.  I had one cashier say,  ” I bet you are looking forward to school starting?”  To her shocking surprise I responded, “No,  I’m not ready.  I love having my kids home and I miss them when they go back.”  Her response,  “That is soooo sweet!”  And the way she said it made me think that my response was unusual.

Now I don’t want to pick on anybody and I openly admit that there are times during the summer when I send the kids outside with directions to stay out and find something to do for a while.  But the deafening silence that ensues when school begins makes me sad. Fact is I miss them.  When my “Man of the North” and I had children it was intentional.  We like being around them.

Time passes so fast here on earth.  My children are by far the greatest gift besides my husband that God has given me.  I truly treasure my gift.  And with the beginning of another school year comes new milestones.  My oldest son is starting middle school and my daughter is in her last year of middle school on the cusp of high school.  My youngest turned four, three weeks ago and will start kindergarten next year.

My dad said to me once, “I turned around twice and you were gone.”  I am planning to enjoy the turns.

2 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. I always loved the summers too when my kids were at home! I loved having them close at hand. I too found myself missing the noise and you will find as each one leaves the house the noise level gets less and less. That was the very first thing I missed when my oldest left for the Navy. I missed the noise not only he brought into the house but also all of his buddies that would comeand hang and eat me out of house and home! Your dad is absolutely right – turn twice and they are gone!

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