Been away for a while…..looking for myself.  It happens that way sometimes for everyone I believe.  I have wanted to write but had nothing to say.  Writing for nothing seems pointless and a waste of time.  So I waited.

During this time of year I find myself in a constant state of reflection.  What have I accomplished, have I met my goals, am I a complete failure, what can I do better, and most importantly, what am I thankful for.

So today, on the last day of the Thanksgiving weekend I return from a long absence to write and reflect and resume communication with all of you who have become part of my life through technology.  And what has my time of reflection given me you might wonder????

What I have determined is, that regardless of our state of mind or what is occurring day in and day out, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  That even when we take time off from Him, He patiently waits for our return.  That His constancy is the only thing in this crazy world we can depend on no matter what.  God is dependable.  God is loyal.  God is loving. God is my strength.  God is my deliverer, and everything else is just a distraction from the truth.

It is good to be back………..

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