Wyatt Is On The Far Right

I look at this picture of my son Wyatt and his group of 6th grade friends and I have hope for the future.  This photo was taken of the boys at their first band concert and they all agreed that they were going to wear ties even though they were not required.

With all the crazy stuff going on our there in our world today and the questions I have as a middle-aged patriot, I feel encouraged to see such a great group of young men, proud to stand tall, together.

What most of you may not realize is that ALL of them are polite, respectful handsome young men.  I am so thankful for my son, his choices and his friends.  Based on this photo, America is in good hands.

3 thoughts on “The Future Of America

  1. You and Your “Man of the North” are wonderful parents as are, probably, the parents of the other boys. It does make one hopeful for America’s future. Love you

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