We crossed over this weekend to the “Cold Side” of life.  Depsite the fact that I am a California native, I have always faced the Minnesota winter with courage for fear of being considered weak by my fellow Minnesotans.

Over the years I have come to appreciate many of the wonderful things that come with the onset of winter.  White Christmases, icicles on the trees, snowmen, sledding and so much more.

The Beauty Of Minnesota In The Winter

However, it has been an extremely warm fall and so the fact that it is only 17 degrees this morning is a bit of a shock to the system.  But, I could handle that, except that upon waking this morning it seemed extra cold on my feet.  As my “Man Of The North” rushed around frantically getting ready for a doctors appointment in the city, he cautiously whispered to me that the furnace had decided to stop overnight and after struggling with it to the point of being late, he is not sure why.  So now it is cold and snowy outside, and not much better inside.

Thankfully, in this old farm house that was bulit in 1937, there is a fire place that is just about that old.  And in the dead of the winter we need the fire and the furnace to stay warm.  Bless his heart my “Man Of The North” started a fire, kissed me goodbye and directed me to call the furnace man.  Meanwhile, I am spending the majority of my time close to the fire reviewing all the reasons I love Minnesota.

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