The Essence Of Life

Had the opportunity to have some professional photos taken of the kids yesterday and then got to see some of the shots this morning. 

Ever have a moment in your life that takes your breath away.  That when it happens everything else going on around you, all of a sudden doesn’t matter because God gently knocks you over the head, gets your attention and whispers to you “This is the essence of your life.”  When I saw this photograph today, everything came into focus.   Thank you Lord for all your gifts big and small.  These four people make my life more than I ever imagined possible.


It’s Monday!!

So it’s Monday…………..What does that mean exactly?  I have been conditioned to dread it.  It is the day after the “Day of Rest”  and yet at times I get caught up in the whole overwhelming process of life and every day is the same. 

So I decided this morning as I peeked out from under the covers at 5am to get the kids up for swim practice and find the “Man Of The North” some work clothes from the pile of clean laundry I did not fold this weekend that I am going to try something new.  “PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!” it’s Monday!

The slate is clean, the day is fresh, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.  Who can I serve this week.  Who needs help, who is discouraged, who just needs a friendly smile?  I mean, I have tried the approach of dreading every moment of the new day and that isn’t really working for me.

So whose with me??? Have a blessed day and don’t forget to bless someone else, it will make you smile(on the inside).

Let Go Of The Branch

I remember a story I heard once about a great man of faith who loved the Lord with all his heart and believed that his faith in God was one of his most valuable assets.  One day while hiking near his home he slipped and fell and began sliding down the mountain to his certain death.  At that crucial moment he reached out and grabbed a branch before plunging into the great abyss.  As he hung there contemplating the inevitable, he lifted up a prayer to his Lord.  “God, please send someone to save me,”  he said.  ” I promise to serve you more and with greater zeal, please save me!”  “I have faith that you will send someone.”

All at once he heard an audible voice that he knew could only be that of God himself.  And the voice said, “I will save you. Just let go of the branch.”  There was pause and then the man responded, “What do you mean let go of the branch, if I do surely I will die.”  God replied, “You said you have faith that I will save you, trust me and let go of the branch?”  The moment of truth… large is your faith.

It is so easy to proclaim a deep faith in the power of God, but how often are we asked to put that faith to the test and operate in it.  I am in a place of great opportunity right now.  It has required me to “Let Go Of The Branch”.  I promise to let you know how it goes.

What Is A Blog Anyway

When I first thought about the idea of a blog I really struggled with the idea of randomly dumping my thoughts onto a computer page for all the world to read and form an opinion on.  My first thought was WHY? Why subject oneself to that scrutiny and coarse examination.  Why waste my time when I have a husband, children and business that are in dire need of attention continually.  And I didn’t even comment on the mountain of laundary that I climb each and everyday with great hope of reaching the summit.

Then I thought, why not?  If nothing else my life is full of adventure, humor, spirit and endless love.  As a women, I have had the opportunity of  growing up in a happy well adjusted home, studying in college, traveling the world, falling in love, owning and operating a business and kowing the Lord Jesus Christ intimately.  And with the exception of my relationship with Christ, the honor of raising my children along side my handsome man of the North is by far my most important call on my life.

It is with a humble heart I begin this venture to share my thoughts, feelings and opinions about faith family and the farm.